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Proposal Format

  • Executive Summary (separate page for each project; not to exceed one page)
    • Institution
    • Fiscal year
    • Title of proposal
    • Goal or purpose and objectives
    • Participant(s)
    • Activities and timeline
    • Total budget
  • Title
  • Introduction (background & significance)
  • The objectives (including expected outcomes)
  • Description of participants & Activities
  • References (optional)
  • Budget
  • Time table
  • Contact person

Proposal prepared by: Name, Title, Email, Date

Signature by head of proposing institution (Rector/ Dean): Name, Title, Email, Date


The proposal might be written in English/ Indonesia. The proposal must be written no more than 8 pages.


Project duration

The project must be done within 6 months (including the submission of final report). The project will be started from August 2013 – January 2014.


Proposal deadline


The deadline for proposal submission is July 12, 2013. Send the proposal via email to  undk.asia@gmail.com.


Period of grant payment

Grants for approved proposals will be available in August 2013.

  • 70% will be transferred at the first week of August 2013
  • 30% will be transferred after the submission of final report



Monitoring will be scheduled in October or November 2013 either via web seminar or face to face meeting.